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Nick Penny is a wildlife photographer\filmmaker and has just graduated from BA Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University. He is pursuing his great passion for documenting wildlife conservation across the world and hopes to develop this more to spread positive stories about conservation work.

The Natural World is something Nick has been captivated by since the age of seven when he first started taking photos with a Pentax film camera. His interest in the natural world and the conservation of it followed shortly after watching TV series like Planet Earth and Big Cat Diaries. This led to his ambition to become a wildlife photographer/filmmaker and work towards the conservation of the rarest environments and species within the world. He loves to show through his imagery and film making that there is positive change happening for a few animal species. He hopes his stories inspire people to care for the conservation so more special species can be protected from more harm.

Nick has also had written work published one of these pieces are for Nature TTL titled 'How to Photograph Mountain Gorillas. Click on the link to have a read.

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