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The Fox Project

The Fox Project is an organization that started in 1991 as an advice bureau but since 1993 it has been a Red Fox hospital and they treat around 800 foxes a year including 250 cubs. They have an ambulance that is always ready to go and rescue foxes in a territory that covers 60 x 70 miles over Kent, Surrey, East, and West Sussex, and South-East London. They deal with anything from sick and injured Foxes to abandoned Fox cubs. There is a large team of local volunteer rescuers as well as fosterers, who will have large rehab pens in their gardens which allows foxes to recover safely and quickly so they can be returned to the wild. I teamed this up with my work placement so I could spend a good amount of time there and they were happy for me to come and shoot my Photostory as well as gaining some work experience.



The main theme of this story is the rescue, recovery, and rehabilitation process of Foxes that come to the Fox Project. I wanted to show what the people at the project do to make this process as smooth as possible for the Foxes so they can go back to the wild as soon as they can. As well as leaving viewers with a feeling of understanding of what amazing important work they do there. I felt that showing interactions between the people and foxes is quite powerful and gives a genuine impression on how things happen there. I also wanted to show the behavior of Foxes that are there and how they act especially the cubs. I felt that was very important that viewers see the foxes as much as the people.

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